Germ Lacy Bomar Awards


Documentation of projects submitted for the Lacy-Bomar Awards must be submitted by April 26, 2024.

The links for submitting your award package is at the end of this page.

This year ALL Germ Lacy Bomar Award submissions
will be done online!

Click HERE for a document explaining
everything about GLB Award.

 Submissions are to have a COVER SHEET with the following information:

  1. Name of the Rotary club and the president;
  2. The maximum number of members in the club during the project;
  3. The name, mailing address, telephone numbers, and electronic mail address of the project contact person;
  4. The Award category entered (Community, Vocational, International, New Generations, and Fundraising)

Submissions must now be sent in electronically.  Please follow these guidelines for each submission:

     1.  Submissions must be turned in in either a Microsoft Word document format                    (.doc or .docx) or Adobe PDF (.pdf) format.

     2.  Each submission should be wholly included in the document.  In other words,               the cover page, documents, graphics, images, pictures, scans, etc., should all               be included in the single file uploaded.

     3.  The file name for each award submission should follow the format:

          As an example, if Cookeville Sunset is submitting a PDF submission for the                            Community Service  award, the filename would be


         You are allowed to submit more than one submission per category.  If                            Cookeville Sunset was sending in a second submission, it would be



Documentation content must include the following:

  1. A description of the project including beginning date and ending date or anticipated ending date and chronology of activities (project must be expected to be completed during the current Rotary year);
  2. The goals and objectives; accomplishments (i.e., project results);
  3. The number of club members participating and how they participated (i.e., assisted in planning, gave money, did physical work, etc.);
  4. Amount and sources of funds and other contributions obtained;
  5. Any other information that illustrates “Service Above Self” of the club members.
  6. Each entry should contain documentation of only one project. Clubs are welcome to submit as many projects as they wish, so long as each project is done as a separate entity. The same project may not be submitted for more than one category.

The District Awards Committee will be looking for the quality of the project and complete, clear, and concise documentation, including grammar/spelling.

 Submissions for the Germ Lacy Bomar Awards are to be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. 60%: Impact of the project on the individuals served (What needs were met?)
  2. 20%: Extent that all club members and others who collaborated were involved
  3. 10%: Originality of project (Is this a continuing project or a new one that meets needs that haven’t been met before?)
  4. 10%: Presentation and appearance of documentation


Send two January bulletins and two February bulletins for your entry. Please review the evaluation criteria carefully. Submissions for both the printed and electronic club bulletins must be submitted by April 26, 2024.

Note: Printed and electronic club bulletins must now be submitted electronically. Please indicate if entry is to be judged as printed or electronic bulletin.

  ..For clubs that only publish a monthly bulletin, please submit January and February 2024.

  ..Club bulletin submissions should contain a cover sheet with the information provided above.

…..To be considered an electronic bulletin, the bulletin must be published and distributed electronically and appear in the body of the email.

…..If a bulletin is published and distributed electronically (see above) and distributed in printed format, the club must specify the category for which the bulletin is submitted. If there is no specification, the committee will assume it is a printed bulletin submission.

…..If a bulletin is sent as an attachment to an email, even if no printed copies are distributed, it should be submitted as a printed bulletin.

Club bulletin content will be evaluated as follows:

….. 30% Information about the club(service projects, member news/recognition, budgets, etc.)

….. 20% Information about past, current, and upcoming programs and speakers of the club

….. 20% Information about Rotary International, including Rotary Foundation

….. 10% Information about activities within the district, including items from the District Governor’s newsletter

….. 10% appearance(attractiveness, formatted so it is easily read and attracts readers)
….. 10% Other(community news, industry coming to area, anecdotes, inspiration, humor)

Please send questions to: District Awards Chair Meagan Bell (


To qualify your entries for consideration, be sure they are

Submitted by April 26, 2024



Please use the links below to upload your submissions:


International Service


Vocational Service


Community Service

Fund Raising


Club Bulletins





2017-18 Lacy Bomar Award Winners

Community Service:
1st Place: Jamestown "Upgrade to Alvin York Gravesite"
2nd Place: Crossville "Blue Jeans and Food Baskets for the Needy"
3rd Place: Cookeville "Community Tree Planting"

International Service:
1st Place: Oak Ridge "Wurugong Health Center"
2nd Place: Knoxville "Bags of Love"
3rd Place: Lafayette "Socks for the Needy"

Vocational Service:
1st Place: Lafayette "Career Day"

New Generations:
1st Place: Lafayette "Project Graduation"

Fund Raising:
1st Place: Livingston "Camaro Giveaway"
2nd Place: Bradley Sunrise "Sunrise Sunset Gala"
3rd Place: Crossville "Father Daughter Dance

Printed Bulletins:
1st Place: Bearden
2nd Place: Bradley Sunrise
3rd Place: Fairfield Glade

Electronic Bulletins:
1st Place: Farragut
2nd Place: Knoxville
3rd Place: Oak Ridge




2016-17 Lacy Bomar Award Winners


Community Service:

1st Place:  Jamestown, Children's Christmas Shopping Spree

2nd Place: Cookeville Breakfast, White Plains Academy Literacy Project

3rd Place: Livingston, Rotary Main Stage


International Service:

1st Place: Lafayette, New Hope Preparatory School Library Books

2nd Place: Cookeville, Supporting Schools in Santo Domingo

3rd Place: Knoxville, Zimbabwe Children's Nutrition


Vocational Service:

1st Place: Grundy Co., Computers for Kids

2nd Place: Lafayette, Girl Force/Boy Force



New Generations:

1st Place: Tullahoma, Giving Students a Day at the Hands On Science Center

2nd Place: Livingston, Andy & Elmer 3rd Grade Reading Project

3rd Place: Maryville, School Library E-Reader Project


Fund Raising:

1st Place: Bradley Sunrise, 7th Annual Sunrise/Sunset Gala

2nd Place: Jamestown, 60th Annual Chicken Festival

3rd Place: Oak Ridge, Street Painting Festival



Printed Bulletins:

1st Place:  Tellico Lake

2nd Place: Fairfield Glade

3rd Place: Bradley Sunrise 



Electronic Bulletins:

1st Place: Knoxville

2nd Place: Farragut

3rd Place: Oak Ridge 




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