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The Rotary Foundation’s Grants Program assists clubs and districts in developing international and local service projects and uses Foundation, district and club monies to fund them.


The Grant Program is a wonderful way for Rotarians, clubs and districts to get more involved in your community and in the world.

How many kinds of grants are there?

There are two primary kinds of grants:

  • Global Grants which support Rotary clubs and districts as they implement short-term humanitarian projects with the aim of sustainable development (click on the underlined link above or the link at right to go to the Rotary International website pages that describe the program fully and provide links to the various documents and forms associated with the program)
  • District Grants which provide money for clubs in our district to implement humanitarian projects locally or internationally. Click on the link at the beginning of this paragraph to go to the Rotary International website pages that describe the program fully.

In the box at the top right, you'll find the forms that provide more information on our District Grant process and the application and report forms that required for a grant for your club. 

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