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Rotary International

The Rotary Foundation of the United Kingdom receives gift of £1.25 million from accomplished pianist and teacher

Helen Ruddock of Suffolk, England, promoted the goals and values of Rotary through her leadership, service, and integrity. Helen Ruddock of Suffolk, England bequeathed a generous donation of £1.25 million to The Rotary Foundation. Having passed away in 2015 at the age of 96, and although not a Rotarian herself, Mrs Ruddock had a passion for improving the lives of others. Her introduction to Rotary and The Rotary Foundation was made by a close friend, who was a member of the Rotary Club of Halstead for a number of years. Complying with Mrs Ruddock's wishes, the spendable earnings from...

Rotary to premiere latest virtual reality film

Following the success of its first virtual reality film, released in October, Rotary is working with Google's virtual reality team to offer an experience that showcases the impact of compassion to a global audience. We're producing a three-minute virtual reality film that emphasizes the two themes of polio and peace, and how Rotary's work to eradicate the disease is increasing stability across the world. We'll premiere the film on 13 June during the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It will be widely released in time for World Polio Day on 24 October. We invite...

Rotary Support Center certified as Center of Excellence

The Rotary Support Center has earned BenchmarkPortal's certification as a Center of Excellence, a noted designation in the customer service and support industry. The certification puts Rotary's Support Center in the top 10 percent of industry peers that requested evaluation by BenchmarkPortal. The Rotary Support Center received nearly 50,000 phone calls and 84,000 email requests for help last year. "I am so proud and happy to have such a great team who continue to reach higher levels of performance and break new records and exceed the goals," says Howard Henry, Support Center manager. "This...

Five years since its debut, Rotary Club Central is getting a big upgrade

When we introduced Rotary Club Central in 2012, it revolutionized goal tracking and planning for clubs and districts — no more filling out paper club-planning forms or passing along boxes of historical club information every time a new leader took office. Rotary Club Central offered clubs and districts a quantifiable way to begin measuring local and global impact, specifically membership initiatives, service activities, and Rotary Foundation giving. But as with any technological advancement, in a few short years, Rotary Club Central began to show its age, and Rotarians took notice. They...

Rotary International Board adopts new zone structure

At its January 2017 meeting, the Rotary International Board of Directors adopted a new zone structure for Rotary clubs. Rotary bylaws require the Board to complete a comprehensive review of the 34 Rotary zones no less often than every eight years to ensure that each zone has an approximately equal number of Rotarians. The Board’s previous review of the zones occurred in 2008. The Board earlier approved the creation of three regional workgroups to develop rezoning proposals for Asia, Europe/Africa, and the Americas. These workgroups comprised one representative (either a current director,...

District History

A Brief History
In 1913, the Rotary Club of Nashville was chartered, the first in Tennessee and only eight years after Paul Harris founded Rotary in Chicago. The Memphis and Chattanooga clubs were chartered in 1914, the Knoxville Rotary Club was chartered in 1915 following a trade visit to that city by a group of businessmen from Louisville, Kentucky - one of whom was a Rotarian. Harriman, chartered in 1919, was the fifth Rotary Club chartered in Tennessee and the first outside the major cities.

The area that presently comprises District 6780 is defined as follows: "Tennessee, that portion east of western boundaries of the counties of Macon, Trousdale, Wilson, Cannon, Coffee, Bedford, and Lincoln, and west of the western boundaries of the counties of Sullivan and Greene." This boundary has been in effect since July 1, 1950.

District 6780's geographical area has evolved over the years. Districts of which the present 6780 area was once a part include :
  • 1915 - District 6: Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Arkansas.
  • 1918 - District 13: Kentucky and Tennessee.
  • 1922 - District 23: Kentucky, Tennessee (except Shelby County), and Virginia (that portion west of the eastern boundaries of the counties of Tazewell, Smyth, and Washington).
  • 1925 - District 52: Tennessee (except Shelby County) and Virginia (that portion west of the eastern boundaries of the counties of Tazewell, Smyth, and Washington).
  • 1937 - District 163: Tennessee (except Shelby County and that portion east of the western boundaries of the counties of Hancock, Hawkins, and Greene).
  • 1949 - District 236: Tennessee, that portion west of the western boundaries of the counties of Sullivan and Greene, except Shelby County.
  • 1950 - District 237: Tennessee, that portion east of the western boundaries of Macon, Trousdale, Wilson, Cannon, Coffee, Bedford, and Lincoln, and west of the western boundaries of the counties of Sullivan and Greene.
  • 1957 - District 678: Same as District 237 except number was changed.
  • 1991 - District 6780: Same as District 678 except number was changed.
  • 2015 - District 6780 has 65 clubs and approximately 3,300 Rotarians.