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Rotary International

2019-20 Rotary president selected

Mark Daniel Maloney selected to be 2019-20 Rotary

Rotary gives millions in grants to fight polio 2018

Rotary announces US $96.5 million to end polioEVANSTON, Ill. (August 15, 2018) — Rotary today announced nearly $100 million in grants to support the global effort to end polio, a vaccine-preventable disease that once paralyzed hundreds of

Gladiator stars reunite at End Polio Now event

‘Gladiator’ stars reunite at End Polio Now

Rotarian helps clean rivers around the world

A challenge to clean the world's riversIn 2009, Salvador Rico stood in the waters of the Russian River in Northern California with other members of the Rotary Club of South Ukiah. They were there for a river cleanup, during which they

Rotary partners with Mediators Beyond Borders

Rotary partners with Mediators Beyond Borders to bring local solutions for lasting peaceEVANSTON, Ill. (Aug. 17, 2018) — Preventing conflicts from escalating into violent crises is 60 times more cost effective than intervening after

STAR Club awards

The Rotary Foundation's fundraising goal is for every Rotarian to donate $100 every year.

To support this goal, District 6780 launched the STAR CLUB Designation Program during Rotary's Centennial year, 2004-2005. The program has been a great success. Rotarians are proud to belong to a STAR CLUB and to help make District 6780 become the brightest constellation in the world of Rotary.

Our District recognizes as a STAR CLUB every club whose annual contribution level reaches an average of $100 per member.

In order for a club to receive STAR CLUB designation and be recognized at the District Conference the club MUST turn in its annual contributions by March 16th each year. This will allow enough time to determine which clubs will be recognized at the annual District Conference.

Clubs that meet the goal by June 30th will be lauded by the District Governor during the annual visit to the club. Also, there will be a special list of the STAR CLUBS displayed on the District's web site and listed in the annual District Directory.

Designation as a STAR CLUB adds prestige to each and every club that achieves this annual level of support for our Rotary Foundation.

Every year each Rotary Club can add more stars. Clubs that continue to show full support for the Rotary Foundation year after year will be classified as a 2 STAR CLUB, 3 STAR CLUB, 4 STAR CLUB, 5 STAR CLUB, to 10 SUPER STAR CLUB, etc.

Rotary District 6780's goal is to have  every club recognized as a STAR CLUB every year.

There is not a better way for all of us to affirm our belief in the incredible programs and projects made possible by The Rotary Foundation. Motivate your Rotary club to become a STAR CLUB!

For more information on achieving a Star Club award, contact Andy Anderson at



The Star Club program honors those clubs whose contributions to The Rotary Foundation's Annual Giving Fund average $100 per member or more.

Winchester was the first club in our District to achieve STAR status; in the 2004-2005 Rotary year, the club's members were first to submit a per capita average of $100 or more. There were 31 STAR clubs in the program's first year.

Clubs who achieved the Star Club status for 10 years were given a Superstar award, which was a bigger star for the banner, and Superstar club status.


Clubs Star Club Status as of June 30th, 2018: 


Bearden: Superstar 14yrs

Bradley Sunrise: Superstar 13yrs

Carthage: 4yrs

Chattanooga: Superstar 13yrs

Chattanooga Breakfast: Superstar 14yrs

Chattanooga Hamilton Place: Superstar 13yrs

Cleveland: Superstar 14yrs

Clinton: 2yrs

Cookeville: Superstar 13yrs

Cookeville Breakfast: Superstar 12yrs

Cookeville Sunset: 6yrs

Crossville: Superstar 10yrs

Crossville Breakfast: 7yrs

Dayton: Superstar 11yrs

Etowah: 0

Fairfield Glade: Superstar 14yrs

Farragut: Superstar 14yrs

Fayetteville: Superstar 12yrs

Franklin Co AM: 9yrs

Gatlinburg: 8yrs

Grundy County:  Superstar 12yrs

Harriman: 2yrs

Hartsville: Superstar 12yrs

Jamestown: 7yrs

Jefferson City: 5yrs

Kingston: Superstar 14yrs

Knoxville: Superstar 14yrs

Knoxville Breakfast: Superstar 14yrs

Knoxville Volunteer: 10yrs

Lafayette: 5yrs

Lebanon: 2yrs

Lebanon Breakfast: 9yrs

Lenoir City: 10yrs

Livingston: Superstar 14yrs

Loudon: 7yrs

Manchester: 6yrs

Maryville: Superstar 14yrs

McMinnville: 4yrs

McMinnville Breakfast: 4yrs

Monteagle-Sewanee: 10yrs

Morristown: Superstar 14yrs

Morristown AM: Superstar 12yrs

Mt. Juliet Breakfast: 2yrs

Mt. Juliet Noon: 6yrs

North Knoxville: Superstar 13yrs

Oak Ridge: Superstar 14yrs

Oak Ridge Breakfast: Superstar 14yrs

Oak Ridge Sunset: 10yrs

Pigeon Forge: Superstar 13yrs

Rockwood: 3yrs

Rogersville: Superstar 14yrs

Sevierville: 8yrs

Sevierville Sunrise: 9yrs

Seymour Breakfast: Superstar 13yrs

Shelbyville: Superstar 14yrs

Smith Co Noon: 0

Smithville: Superstar 11yrs

South Campbell Co: Superstar 12yrs

South Pittsburg: Superstar 12yrs

Sparta: Superstar 14yrs

Tellico Lake: Superstar 13yrs

Tullahoma: Superstar 14yrs

Tullahoma Sunrise: 11yrs

Turkey Creek Sunset: 3yrs

Winchester: Superstar 14yrs